QuaverSEL is composed of over 1,000 activities designed to build a strong SEL vocabulary in every student.

From critical thinking to problem solving and acting out real-life scenarios, each activity uses the power of music to engage a different aspect of the students’ SEL skillset.

Lessons are comprised of a series of interactive screens, launched in the front of the class. Each screen includes notes for the teacher to lead students to recognize, understand, and practice the social or emotional topic at hand. Lessons follow a logical flow through, using music as a vehicle to engage students every step of the way.

QuaverSEL Lessons are organized in the following stages:
  • Introduction

  • Review/Exploration

  • Musical Reinforcement

  • Class Interactive

  • Acting Out/Role Playing

  • Reflection

Explore each stage of a QuaverSEL lesson by clicking through the 2nd Grade lesson below:

Each stage can be experienced as a 30 to 45-minute lesson or split up into five days of shorter activities.