With a license to QuaverSEL from QuaverMusic, teachers have access to a full dashboard of tools and resources to plan, engage, and evaluate their students’ SEL development.


Many of those resources are designed to help teachers lead instruction, including:

SEL Lessons:

QuaverSEL featured 214 sequenced lessons aligned to the CASEL competencies for grades PreK-5. Each lesson is packed with a variety of engaging activity ideas with notes for teacher planning and an editable, printable PDF lesson plan.

SEL Music:

SEL Music is our interactive song resource library with all the songs, jingles, chants, and musical activities used throughout the QuaverSEL program. Teachers can jump right into the music from this easy-to-use menu. Learn more about SEL Music.

Teacher Toolbox:

The QuaverSEL Teacher Toolbox is a treasure trove of over 75 extra elements to utilize in the classroom, helping teachers enhance every lesson with engaging activities. Learn more about the Teacher Toolbox.

Featured Resources:

With new content released all the time, Quaver teachers are regularly introduced to new resources and functionality. Our Featured Resources Menu features a selection of new resources is regularly rotated to keep teachers informed, educated, and excited about the latest updates to QuaverSEL.


Test drive these resources and many more with a free 30-day preview to QuaverSEL!