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How can I fit QSEL fit into my school day?

QSEL is flexible, and easily adapts to meet your scheduling needs. Each lesson can be used as a 30 to 45-minute lesson front to back. Or the content is designed to be used as single activities, lasting 5-10 minutes and spanning over a week or more. Learn more about this adaptable lesson structure.

Each license to QSEL also includes advanced customization features that allow teachers to build their own lessons and even curriculum scope and sequence using resources from within the Quaver library and those the teacher already owns including PDFs, MP3s, and YouTube videos.

Do I need musical training or experience to use QSEL?

No musical experience or training is necessary to effectively implement QSEL in your classroom. The resources do not teach musical concepts, but use music as a vehicle to engage students and increase their retention of the social and emotional skills being developed. Learn more about this approach to Music-Based Learning ®.

Is QSEL compatible with student devices?

Yes! While no student technology is required to implement the program, QSEL does include extension activities for many compatible devices. By scanning a QR Code on any mobile device, or entering a unique code into their computer browser, students can use the activities individually, in centers, or in small groups. Learn more about device compatibility here

I'm interested in purchasing Quaver's SEL resources. Where can I find pricing information?

Quaver SEL resources are sold via a site license to specific online resources for a set number of years. Follow this link for pricing and to get a quote!

What if I have technical issues or questions?

Please contact our Customer Service Team via the link on this page or 866-917-3633 with any questions. They are ready and willing to help!

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