New Upgrades Designed with Teachers in Mind

QuaverSEL is pleased to announce an upgraded version of both our resources and functionality.

Read below for more details on these exciting new changes:

  1. Resource Manager 2.0
  2. A Fresh New Look for the Teacher Dashboard
  3. Brand New Lesson on Social Awareness

Resource Manager 2.0

We’ve given Resource Manager a facelift! Explore the new look of this powerful search engine and its streamlined search features. Resource Manager is your personal QuaverSEL search engine. You can browse, explore, and locate exactly the resource you need for teaching a specific concept or skill. Designed using feedback from teachers just like you, it’s never been easier to find all the resources you need to plan a successful lesson.

New Look for the Teacher Dashboard

Your Teacher Dashboard has a fresh new look! You’ll find all of the icons organized the same way that they were on the bulletin board—just with a sleek new design.

Brand New Lesson on Social Awareness

Explore a new lesson on Social Awareness to add to your 2nd grade curriculum. You’ll find this new content in Lesson 13.

This new lesson covers the following theme:

  • Perspective-Taking

That’s all for now! We can’t wait to hear what you think!