Do Your Students Know Their Strengths?

Each week on the QuaverSEL Blog, we highlight one of the core CASEL competencies and a sub-competency. Today, we’re diving in to self-awareness and an activity that will encourage students to identify and discuss qualities as strengths or weaknesses.

Let’s dig in! 

Do your students know their strengths? Can they identify their weaknesses?

In Lesson 11 of the 2nd Grade Curriculum, take five minutes this week to explore the activity, “Planning to Get Stronger.” 

This activity helps students identify their weaknesses and plan to get stronger in areas in which they would like to improve. In addition, students will explore feelings they have surrounding their weaknesses. 

Students plan to get stronger by learning to ask for help from someone who shows strength in an area in which they would like to improve.

This also allows for students to recognize strengths in others and ultimately, themselves.

Next, listen and learn about Jude and Lucia’s strengths and weaknesses. What strengths do students have that they could offer to teach someone?

Remind students that “we all have strengths and weaknesses.” 

On the next screen, use the Draw Tool to write in responses that students may have in regards to how they feel about their strengths and how we show what our strengths are. It is important for students to begin to associate what feelings they have about how they demonstrate those feelings.

Next, encourage the same discussion about weaknesses. How do they feel about their weaknesses?

If there is time left in class, you might consider ending with an SELMusic song, “If You’re Really Good At Something” Found in your SELMusic Library and in Lesson 11 of the 2nd grade curriculum, this song reinforces the theme of identifying strengths and opens up further discussion.

How do you encourage identifying strengths and weaknesses in your classroom? 

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