Located at the crossroads of Music Row in Nashville, TN, QuaverMusic was founded on the power of music. 

As we’ve worked with music teachers for the last ten years, we’ve developed an approach to teaching that uses this power beyond the music classroom. We call it Music-Based Learning.

As our President has said:

When you introduce music in the classroom, you introduce emotion. When you introduce emotion, you have engaged the students.

It’s no surprise then, that our SEL curriculum resources are infused with music. Each lesson includes a music element, such as:

    • Chants

    • Songs

    • Raps

    • Jingles

    • Musical Stories

    • Mood Music

    • Movement

The best part is, no musical expertise is needed to teach with QSEL. Music is simply the vehicle for engagement, memory, and retention!

Strategies for Incorporating Music in the Classroom

Across QSEL, teachers learn to use music to help set the tone for class, to emphasize a social or emotional theme, and to transition smoothly into learning across the curricula.

To Set The Tone

  • Use a Welcome Song to engage students at the beginning of class
  • Use a Closing Song to reinforce what was learned
  • Play Mood Music in background while  students are working or being mindful

To Introduce A Message

  • Listen to a message song
  • Discuss the meaning of the lyrics
  • Sing the song

To Improve Memory Recall

  • Use a Jingle or Chant
  • Use Mnemonics

To Connect To Students Interests

  • Create or use a rap with a positive message
  • Move to the rhythm
  • Conduct exercises such as role playing
  • Discuss the message of the piece